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What can ZoneEdit Do?

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Powerful yet simple DNS management gives you complete control of your domains – learn more.
Powerful yet simple DNS management gives you complete control of your domains – Hide.

What is ZoneEdit?
At its core, ZoneEdit provides a robust solution for DNS management. While some domain registrars provide DNS management as an add-on with domain names, ZoneEdit does it better. Our proven network of DNS servers is powerful enough for websites big and small, and our simple interface makes managing DNS easy. As our hundreds of thousands of customers will attest, ZoneEdit just works.

Is ZoneEdit free?
No. ZoneEdit employs a simple credit purchase system with very reasonable prices.

What is a Zone?
A zone or “zone file” is a file that contains mappings between domain names, IP addresses and other resources. These files are an essential part of the DNS system that provides the navigational structure for the entire Internet. Each zone file contains zone records for different types of resources like address records and mail records. ZoneEdit zones can have up to 100 records, including nearly every available record type.

Why should I choose ZoneEdit?
ZoneEdit’s DNS network reliability and speed is second to none. Here are some key features:

ZoneEdit keeps DNS simple. While many domain registrars add DNS as an afterthought, it’s the core of our business, and we make sure we get it right. Our pricing beats the competition, and with significant discounts for bulk purchases, ZoneEdit is affordable for everyone from single-domain owners to enterprises looking to manage thousands of domains.

What are some uses for ZoneEdit Products?
Primary and Tertiary DNS gives you the ability to manage your DNS independently from your domain registrar. Some registrars don’t provide DNS services, and most provide no backup DNS servers, so if the DNS server they use goes down, your website is unreachable. ZoneEdit’s Managed DNS includes both primary and secondary DNS, giving you added reliability. For maximum DNS reliability, you can also purchase tertiary DNS to give yourself additional DNS servers as backup to make sure your important websites are always available.

Dynamic DNS allows you to run your own web server at home with DSL or a cable modem, set up a security camera to monitor across the Internet, create a virtual home private network accessible from anywhere, and more. Dynamic DNS works by dynamically updating to reflect IP address changes from your Internet provider, allowing constant DNS access to your home PC network.

Failover allows you to host a website from multiple servers for maximum uptime, reliability, and stability. When you have two or more servers running a website, our failover monitoring service checks to make sure that the website is up on all servers, and if any of the servers go down, that IP will no longer be utilized and traffic will be sent to the other servers instead.

If you have your own mail server, our Backup MX service for mail backup is essential to ensure you receive all inbound emails. If your mail server fails, incoming email will be redirected to our backup server and will be delivered to you as soon as your mail server is running again.

With MailForward and WebForward, you can set up email and domain forwarding, including catch-alls and default addresses for email. Both of these services are available as a part of our Managed DNS services.